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What Is A Crane Truck? Different Types And Their Uses

Crane Truck – What They Are, Their Types, And Uses

Lifting and moving heavy goods from one place to another is difficult. You need a proper vehicle to carry out the process without any hassle. This is when people demand crane trucks. These are used in many industries to load and unload goods. 

You know crane trucks but are hesitating to use them to meet your purpose. Keep reading this article to get a complete idea of crane vehicles, their types, and their usage. Undoubtedly, you will have a great takeaway.

What Is A Crane Truck?

Crane trucks are cable-controlled vehicles designed to lift, lower, and move heavy objects horizontally or vertically. They are built on a hydraulic crane that makes the vehicle flexible in loading and unloading. These cranes can carry a considerable payload and perform the most challenging task beyond humans’ standard capabilities. 

What Are Different Types Of Crane Trucks?

Crane trucks are available in multiple types. Some have four wheels, while others have eight or more wheels based on the weight capacity they will carry. Usually, you can find cranes that can take loads up to 30 tons with a lifting height of 60 meters and 30 meters crane reach. 

In the commercial market, crane trucks are divided into multiple categories. Here we have listed down the most common and widely used crane trucks – 

  • Truck-mounted cranes: These trucks are widely used in the construction industry to lift heavy construction objects. They have industrial sensors to prevent heavy shock, vibration, weather, and different temperature conditions. They can easily travel on public highways and can be configured easily for any job using functional lattice extensions.  
  • All-terrain crane: If you are looking for a crane truck hire in Sydney, this particular type will be another best option. These vehicles feature a hydraulically powered telescopic boom and four wheels powered by one or two engines. Modern all-terrain cranes can carry 40 to 1000 tons and reach up to 500 feet in height.  
  • Rough terrain crane: Rough terrain crane trucks are highly compact and come up with high-security features. They can fit into tighter spaces and are highly preferred to run off-roads. Compared to other crane truck types, rough terrain trucks can lift heavy objects to exceptional heights. Their excellent performance encourages businesses to hire these trucks for transport purposes. You can look for the newest models with the highest possible safety features. They are featured with ground-level carrier controls that are used to lower the boom angle and for the fly assist cylinder. They even have a winch design with ultra-wide drums that assist in pulling 105.1kN. 

So, you have different types of crane trucks in the market. You must look for the most appropriate one that fits your business requirements. 

What Are Crane Trucks Used For?

No matter the type of crane truck you hire, you can use these vehicles for lifting, loading, unloading, and transporting heavy loads. Now the volume of loads will, of course, depend upon the truck type you choose. Now, the uses of crane trucks are different for different industries. Here we have made a list based on industry types.

  • For the agriculture industry – You can look for a crane truck hire company in Sydney to get a truck to move agricultural equipment and machinery. The mounted hydraulic crane will enable you to lift heavy tools at mills and granaries and transport them to other sites. 
  • For the construction industry – In the construction industry, the crane truck is used for moving building materials from the merchant to a construction site. These can be breeze blocks, paving stones, cement, bricks, etc. You can quickly load and unload all your materials in an organized way, as these models allow 180-360 degrees of rotation.
  • For the freight and cargo industry – Every international trade requires the loading and unloading metal containers. To make the job hassle-free, crane trucks are used that can maintain safety in loading containers onto the ship, lifting, and unloading them on the ground. Many crane trucks even provide a radio remote to operate the vehicle from a remote distance. You can use these truck models to move and place all your goods. 

Likewise, different industries have different uses for crane trucks. But the purpose remains the same for all. 

Final Thoughts

Crane trucks are the ultimate solution when stationary cranes and forklift trucks are unavailable for operation. So, would you like to go for a crane truck hire in Sydney? Look for the best crane truck provider in Sydney, search for the most appropriate truck based on your requirements, and hire it. It is better to consult with the transport team before making any decision.  

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