Fragile Product Delivery
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Fragile Product Delivery Sydney

Sydney Hiab Logistics take the safety of your fragile items seriously. Our experts are trained to pack and ship with care, so you can rest assured that they will arrive safely at their destination!
We offer packing services tailored just for high-value shipments or those having specialized transportation needs like luxury goods, artwork, and sculptures – we guarantee the fragile parcel is shipped safely and in fully intact condition. 

fragile product delivery


Best Crane tuck Hire Sydney

Most Reliable Service

We know our customers demand the best crane truck hire service for the money they invest in us! That’s why we are committed to deliver on every promise with the most reliable crane/hiab hire service. Our professional fleet of crane trucks are designed to effortlessly haul the heaviest of freight to sites with little or no setup or assembly.

Fair Price

We pride ourselves on offering a reliable company and sealing the deals with fair prices. You can keep your payment worries at bay as soon as you become one of our clients! Whatever size equipment is needed (or lack thereof), your solutions will be delivered straightaway as promised.

Expert Drivers

With decades of experience in the crane/hiab truck transport industry, our drivers are highly skilled and are fully qualified with appropriate trucks and crane licenses. Our experienced staff listen to your needs, ensuring that we meet your expectations for each and every lift. We value safety and safe work practices, providing the highest level of care during lifting, transporting and delivery of your goods. Our professional service, safe work ethics, and competitive rates are some of the reasons why many customers are our lifelong advocates!

frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We transport the delicate things by wrapping them properly in the cushioning box and giving required support to the box. We provide the box with the required size to fit the breakable.

The amount of the item and the distance of transportation affect how much it costs to send delicate things. However, you may be confident that we provide reasonable prices.

Although there are many different packaging options available for sensitive objects, bubble cushioning is highly advised.

The delicate object is first wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in a sturdy plastic box or container that is the same size.

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